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The "Women & Words" calendar will only be available via a VERY SHORT Kickstarter that is NOW LIVE and runs through the end of the month, October 1st @ 2am PT! We are only ordering a few extra copies, so we want to encourage people to pre-order through the Kickstarter if possible, because we can't restock, it's a one-time order. So if you want a calendar, this may be your only chance!

The 12"x12" calendar (12"x24" when open) collects artwork from the She Persisted flashcards, drawn by some of the most talented female artists from around the globe. Here is a list of the authors you will find:

  • January -  Maya Angelou (drawn by Alexandria Monik)

  • February - Beverly Cleary (drawn by Ellie Morlino)

  • March - Sappho (drawn by Alexandria Monik)

  • April - Jane Austen (drawn by Janet Lee)

  • May - Sarojini Naidu (drawn by Susan Curry)

  • June - Anne Frank (drawn by Tressina Bowling)

  • July - Agatha Christie (drawn by Eduarda Coelho)

  • August - Dolly Parton (drawn by Comfort Love)

  • September - Gabriela Mistral (drawn by Susan Curry)

  • October - Mary Shelley (drawn by Jessica Hickman)

  • November - Dr. Ruth Westheimer (drawn by Alexandria Monik)

  • December - Mary Somerville (drawn by Janet Lee)

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